Book Release Party and Dedications



…To Publish Raw Man

Funding for the publication of Raw Man was made possible by all of you listed here, who accepted our invitation on Kickstarter to be part of this victory.

M.M. Cranston

“I dedicate this on behalf of my father, James R. Cranston, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret.), 7th Air Force HQ, Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Vietnam.”

Lauren Marie Salcido

Steve McDonald

Dante Puccetti

Sally Pla

John Westfall

Eva Westfall

Renee Nicole Whitfield

Lisa Ramirez

Victoria Starr

Elizabeth Sloan

“I dedicate this on behalf of Chester W. Sloan, WWII veteran.”

Cathy Sempol

Mike Wall

Andrea Travers

Helene Leonard

Miceal Kelly

Dick Cummins

Chris Anderson

Connie Nguyen

“I dedicate this on behalf of all the innocent civilian war casualties and all the mistreated veterans who are overlooked and forgotten after the war. And on behalf of my mother, I am obliged to dedicate this to her father who served in the Viet Nam War, Charles E. Auge. I don’t know his rank, but I do know, if he never served in the war, I would not be here today.”

Carin Johnson-Kragler

Alma Delacruz Gossman

Ronald Sandate

Margaret Southern

Amanda Mullens

Kenneth Weene

Lynn Buettner

“I donate on behalf of all of our men and women who serve our country. ”

Sue Wong

Michael L Sawyer

“I dedicate this donation to All that have served.”

Austin Storm

Pamella M. Bowen

Raymond and Christi Lacoste

Amanda Byzak

Jeannie Meador Chandler

Don Maker

“I donate on behalf of Spec. 4 Harry Maker.”

Rob Swofford

Michelle Bushner Wise

Nicholas Fortuna

Kimberly Stanphill

“I donate on behalf of all the veterans that I’ve worked with and my grandfather, a veteran from WWII.”

Jeffrey D. Urbina

Nancy Milby

Robert Hill

Thornton Sully

“I donate on behalf of my father, Artillery Capt. Langdon Sully, US Army WWII, Solomon Islands.”

Harry Caldwell

Jesse Smith

Deanna Paige Uranga

Sable Jordan

Kim Hoedeman

Jess Cotton

Jeff Semones

Brian Meredith

“I dedicate this on behalf of Major General Smedley Butler, who, by the time of his death, had become not only the most decorated Marine in U.S. history, but also this nation’s most important ‘whistleblower’ regarding the true business objectives driving its bloody wars, occupations and interventions.”

Chynna Barron

Jay Nomura

Patricia Oppelt

Bunnie Rivera

“I dedicate this on behalf of all those who serve.”

Therese Pontrelli

Patricia C. Lowery

Russell Shor

Richard Urick

Jasper Langedijk

“Dedicated to this Raw Man project and to the people the book is about.”

Sgt. Michael Whitfield and Cpl. Renee Whitfield

James Williams

“I donate in honor of Edward James Olmos – aka Admiral Adama.”

Jill Anfinson

Annie Drake

Wendy Joseph

Marie Therese Stone

Frank and Cathy Merickel

Courtney Janes

“I donate on behalf of John Janes.”

Kimberly Persiani

Tom McDermond

Ryan Rivera

“I contribution on behalf of Jake, Grace, and Julia Rivera.”

Lisa Southwick

Alexander Franco

Cheryl Davis

“I donate on behalf of our son-in-law, Chad Folds, currently serving. ”

Holly Ryno

Judy Olmos

Michael J. Martin

Thomas Dahl

Cynthis Lazaris

“I donate on behalf of George Paul Lazaris.”

Brian Fiala

Kaija Keel

Bernd Kistenmacher

“I donate with best wishes for Fred Rivera.”

Helene Leonard

Jonathan Trujillo

Cameron Hamilton

“I donate on behalf of all Veterans and Shovel Head Ed, the guy who carries around a ball peen hammer to tune up nuts!”

Barry Drucker

“I cannot thank you enough for your sacrifices for our abundant freedoms, and I wish you, Fred, and your family, good health and happiness.”

Kristine Starr

James Caouette

Vivian Alvarez

“I donate in honor of Frank Alvarez, Red Bull Battalion, 34th Infantry WWII.”

Kayla Roth

“I donate on behalf of PFC Michael Roth, USMC., Vietnam War 1970-71.”

John Hager, SSgt., Air Force Viet Nam 69-70 & 71-72.

“This is to all of us that suffer in silence, God Bless all of US!”

Martin & Tiffany Vakilian

Jason Lawrence

“In honor of my father John E. Lawrence, USN, who enlisted at age 17 and is sole living survivor of the USS Henley that was torpedoed by the Japanese. He served and fought in WWII, KOREA and VIETNAM. Now residing in Vista, CA and just celebrated his 90th birthday January this year.”

Freddy Rivera (Fred Jr.)

Alfredo Ballesteros

Robert & Paula Gomez

J. Dow Covey, Cpt, US Army

Sharon Johnson

Frank  S. Herrara

Chris Davis

“I donate in honor of Dan Chadwick, CMSgt., US Air Force, Korea”

Lisa Ramirez

Amanda Mullens

“I donate on behalf of my father, 1Sgt. John H. Mullens, Jr. (Ret.) and the 2-70th Armor “Aces of Death”.”

Wendy Manning

“In honor of my Uncle Fred Rivera- so proud of you.”

Mike Casper

“I donate in honor of cabin crew of UA 93.”

Scott Travers

“I donate on behalf of Evert Raymond Curtis Sr., Evert Raymond Curtis Jr., Charles Travers, Walter Ray Travers.”

Nico Loeff

“Thank you to all Veterans and current men and women serving in our country’s military. God bless you all.”

Gerald Arriloa

John Salcido

“Thank you, Fred, and all of you have served in our armed forces!”

Wayne Bosna

“Dedicated to Vets everywhere.”

Jim St. John

“I donate to honor vets everywhere.”

Niles Nicholson

“Peace to the Veterans who served our Country.”

Craig Albert

“To all those who responded to the call.”

William Rodriguez

“I donate in honor of vets everywhere.”

Josie Noriega

Lance Goto

“To current and past vets.”

Barbara Briones

“With pride, in honor of my brother Fred Rivera, U.S. Army, Blackhorse Cavalry Division.”

Jerry Clark

“Thanks to my BROTHER Gary Clark a member of the USAF during the Viet Nam era. He has helped me and other veterans through his personal counseling as well as his writing. He has encouraged me to be my best after war. THANKS BROTHER!!”

(editor’s note: Gary Clark was a true friend to all veterans, and a member of our staff at A Word with You Press.  Gary died of cancer as “Raw Man” was in the final stages of editing before going to press. At Fred’s heartfelt suggestion, a true character in the book was given Gary’s name so that Gary will remain with us all in spirit, and wink at us when we come across his name.)

Catherine Kelly Baird

“For my amazing husband Monty Baird “the Sarge”–a true brother to Fred and all Vietnam vets.

Lee Mentley


John Fortuna

“Dedicated to vets everywhere.”

Robert L Brieda

“In memory of Sgt. Eric Williams, US Army Medic, KIA Afghanistan, July 23, 2012 Operation Freedom – Dustoff.”

Tom Noriega, USCG 1984-1988.

“Thanks to all the men and women who have served and sacrificed. ”

Alex B

“Loretta Pellem,”

“Dedicated to William Watkins, US Army Rangers (ret.) & Anthony Sink, US Army (ret.)”

John Westfall

“To all who have served.”

Eva Westfall, USN Ret.

Wheeler Baker

“Dedicated to my Father, my Brother and to all other Veterans that have sacrificed so much for our country and our freedom.”

Edward James Olmos

“Dedicated to my brother Peter Olmos, for his service in the United States Marine Core.”

Anthony Salcido

Parisianne Modert

“Dedicated to my Father – Dr. Alson W. Modert, MD – Navy Hospital Apprentice First Class USNR – WWII – Deceased.”

Kyle Katz

Michael Stang

“Dedication: Marian C. Spaulding, Yeoman Second Class,1942-1944.”

Stephanie Allison

Marie Panlilio

Laura Girardeau

“I donate in honor of Fred Rivera’s fallen comrade, Herman Johnson.”

Albert Foster

Walter Savell

“I donate on behalf of myself, my father, and my grandfather:  PO2 Walter L. Savell III USN Ret., LCDR Walter L. Savell Jr. USNR WWII Arlington, COL Walter L. Savell Sr. USA,WWII Arlington.”


Several of our donors chose to remain anonymous.

Thank you all from Fred Rivera, Lynda Rivera, and the entire staff at A Word with You Press.

Tiffany Monique, Diana Diehl, Derek Thompson, Morgan Sully, Gary Clark, Teri Rider, Billy Holder, Kristine Tsasakos,  Thornton Sully, and project associates Robert Kahn and Scott Siedman


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