It is mid April and I feel that I have not been keeping up with my blog. Those of you who read Raw Man will be happy to know that I have started my second novel. Tentatively called The Road To Que. Experience has taught me that this is just a first draft working title. Raw Man was called Youth In Asia for eight years. The idea for the new work came to me in a flash, just as Raw Man did. It is exciting when this happens. I have the characters but I know their personalities will shape their dialog and characteristics as they come to life on the page. Just as Gordo and the Australians gave birth to themselves, the new ones will do the same thing. I am full of joy.

This novel is full of research. I have ten books and countless magazines and internet postings to read. I have interviews to do. This writing career has given new life to mine and I cherish it. My music career gave me great adventures and exotic places to visit. The writing is giving me the same so far.


Fred Rivera

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