A History of The American War

I re-visited Vietnam in 1995 as a sober man with eight years of consoling behind me. I was not prepared for what I saw. The people at that time under the age of 20 had no direct experience with the war. I found that the general population referred to it as the American War. And so it was. We invaded their country and dropped more bombs on them than we dropped on Europe during WW2. But I found the people loving to Americans. I found much needed personal forgiveness. I wrote Raw Man, to educate people about the war in Vietnam. Now, my generation is reaching their mid to late sixties. I hope that the young people of America are educated about this most important part of our collective history. Please watch the movie I am clipping to this post. It is educating and shows the passion and ignorance of people on both sides. It was truly a divided America that we lived in. I thank my good friends David Gebhard and Scott Seidman for sending me this link:



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