Okay everybody, I have been doing a blues show every Sunday Evening on 94.9 the Bridge that goes live in the Pacific Northwest but you can catch it on the internet on the site below. I have kept it low key as I have been catching up on new technology with the help of my friends Billy Holder and David Kraklow Jr.. Things have changed since I used to have the Nightcrawler Blues Show on KRTM 13 years ago. This week I finally (I think) found my groove and I invite you all to listen. I get down with some funky shit. You know I got busted two weeks ago by the FCC for saying shit? I love it. Yet another new adventure for a 67 year old man who thought he had done and seen it all.



3 thoughts on “RAW MAN BLUES SHOW

    1. Great ideas Morgan. First order of business is I need to grow the audience. Can we link our site with that of the radio station and add a Raw Man Blues Show place on this site?


      1. yeah! Just keep blogging. Also , seek out interesting people to interview, talk with and share ideas with. Adding a link is pretty easy – I think as a Sidebar Widget would be easiest.

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