Raw Man Blues Show (Best of)

Since the beginning of July, I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to put Raw Man into an audiobook like format on 949thebridge.com. My friend and former staion  owner of KRTM in Temecula bought a radio station in Oregon with his lovely wife Micky. When they owned KRTM in Temecula, I had the Nightcrawler Blues Show every Sunday from 6-8 PM.

Now I am proud to say that the Raw Man Blues Show has entered it’s seventh month on The Bridge. Please listen on the internet on your computer, phone, or other listening device. Simply go to http://www.949thebridge.com and press play any Sunday from 6-8 PM. I now have a direct link on this page to the show. Remember,

“It’s The Blues Baby!

Join me on the Bridge. Here is a sample:



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