2018 So Far

Three years down the road from Raw Man and I find myself embraced by that constant companion, chronic back pain. “Does writing help?” I’m about to find out. 

Lately I have been extremely disappointed with Facebook. It seems to me that they knowingly took Russian money during the 2016 election to sow divide and spread discontent among the American electorate. Democrats and Republicans, left and right and true moderates on both sides of the isle fell prey to silence following the fact that all seventeen of our security agencies reported that Russia penetrated our cyber-security defense and hacked it’s way into our election system. This is an Attack on The United States! What has agent orange done? You guessed it, NOTHING! Congress passed some sanctions but the administration has refused to implement any of these. 

I decided to do a 2018 post to see who is still out there with me.      Times been tough dog but great things beyond my wildest imagination have happened as a result of the publication of Raw Man. I have been reunited with Herman who for 47 years I thought had died in my arms.

As I mentioned above, I see the invidiousness of political attacks carried to extreme conclusions on both sides. On Facebook I have run across an idiot insisting that there are no  photos of Michelle Obama as a youth and absolutely none of her two pregnancies. Apparently Joan Rivers in her comedy act suggested the Michelle was transgender or a “tranny” as his post was written. He went on to suggest that nobody could ever come forward and testify that they knew President Obama as a child, young man or college student. Such bullshit! The sad thing is that there are the 34% of the population that believe this crap! They watch Fox News.

I believe that the majority of the problem lies in the deep seated racism lingering after the experience of having our first African American President. Trump started his political career off with the infamous racially motivated “birther movement.” This “Make America Great Again” slogan was none other than what his grandfather, a member of the Ku Klux Klan used to cry out while burning a cross.

The fact that Dotard Donald called his “handler” Putin to congratulate him on his election victory today in a sham of a rigged election of a dictator after senior staff put in all capital letters instructions, DO NOT CONGRATULATE HIM! He never brought up Russian hacking of our election or the murder of Russian dissidents in our biggest ally Great Britain follows the same tract of his refusal to acknowledge the Russian attack thinking of it as a threat to his legitimacy as president. 

Let us not forget about the sexual liaisons with what has now climbed to more than 15 women. That was enough to ruin Gary Hart and this fucking moron (Rex Tillerson’s words) not mine has so debased the office of the presidency that nothing he does or tweets shocks anyone anymore. He is unstable, mentally unfit to lead our great nation. He is  petty. He is cruel with no amount of charity or compassion. He does not understand how our government works. To him it’s about THE DEAL. What a great negotiator  he thinks he is. When North Korea approached him through the South he agreed to meet with no thought, consultation with advisers and staff he really fucked up. There are three Americans in prison there and he should of asked for their freedom as a precondition to the talks.

I do not like Mike Pence. However I would rather have a person who has served his country all his life rather than a psychopathic megalomaniac who has no intention of uniting the country but rather pander to his 34% base with lies, racist statements and actions that embarrass us on the world stage. It’s time to move on from a want to be Third World Dictator and restore the office of the President of the United States as the leader of the free world. His nepotism, multiple conflicts of interest in his business dealings, his failure to put the security of our country above his personal ambitions make this, after only one year, the worst administration in modern American history.

I urge you to vote by mail in November. He has not protected us from Russian meddling in our election. This is a dereliction of duty. 

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